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Meta World: My City is the latest evolution of a board game enjoyed by millions worldwide! The infinite possibilities start here. Play thrilling board games! Grab land and construct landmarks that no one can take from you! The city will be yours! ◈Meta World: My City Introduction◈ ■ An exciting board game for players all over the world. - Play the board game whenever you want, wherever you go! - Compete against players all over the world and claim victory! - Feel the excitement of rolling the dice! ■ Play competitive games using Let's Get Rich characters! - Collect characters from "Let's Get Rich"! - Place characters in your deck and use their skills to customize your play style! - Upgrade characters and develop powerful strategies! ■ Build your structures on vast land! - Watch as major cities from around the world are added to Meta World: My City- starting with Manhattan, New York! - Think big! Develop your structures and upgrade them into dazzling landmarks! - Grow your experience by growing your collection of properties! ■ Customized character models! - Create an Avatar that represents you! - Customize your Avatar with your unique style! - Meet the Avatar that will represent you in the Meta World now! ■ Stay tuned for tons of future content! You're invited to a world of endless fun!
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